Trident Kayak - Overstern Rudder

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The Trident has been the spawn of a passion for catching saltwater fish. The research and development goes back as far as we can remember. Many unique features that have never been perfected before, that we have got right in so many ways. Enormous rod/fish hatch that opens up so many options. At 510cm long the Trident is extremely fast, but provides ample stability for even larger inexperienced paddlers. Built in transducer indent, motor/livewell through hole, 8inch dry hatch, understern or overstern rudder options.



  • Carrying Handles
  • Built in transducer indent
  • Attachment Points
  • 8 Inch Hatch Bag
  • Motor/livewell through hole
  • Understern or overstern rudder options
  • Enormous rod/fish hatch

  • Length: 5,1m
  • Width: 72.5cm
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Capacity: 170kg
  • Colours: Red Yellow Orange Blue Green Camo