Garmin STRIKER™ Cast GPS Castable Sonar Device – With GPS

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Easily find and catch more fish with the durable STRIKER Cast GPS sonar device. You just have to eject it and bring it back in to view the sonar images at a range of 60 meters via the app on your smartphone or tablet.


USER-FRIENDLY SONAR: The easy-to-use STRIKER Cast device streams and displays sonar in a convenient mobile app. Setup is a breeze. And scans of fish and structures are easy to interpret.

THREE STEPS TO GET STARTED: Download the free app for your Apple or Android device. Pair the app with the STRIKER Cast sonar device. Set out to go fishing.

FRESH OR SALT WATER: STRIKER: Cast GPS sonar works in freshwater or saltwater (and even for ice fishing) to show your fish and structures in great detail. You can also use the device to check the water temperature.

GPS FOR CUSTOM MAPS: Built-in GPS lets you create custom Quickdraw fishing maps with 0.3m contours so you can remember (and optionally share) where you found that great fishing spot.

SONARMODY: Choose from easy-to-interpret traditional 2-D sonar and icefish flash modes, with customizable settings for gain and range, among other things.

FISH ICONS: Fish icons make using the sonar even easier. Enable them to view images of fish and their depth readings so you know exactly where to cast your line.