Monster Tower Wakeboard Rack

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The Monster Tower wakeboard rack features 1.25" fork widths and can be easily removed for storage or travel. Rubber bumpers and a bungee retaining strap keep boards more secure. Brushed and anodized aluminum material is both durable and stylish.

Each wakeboard rack is equipped with a quick release mounting system which allows you to remove the rack without tools for security purposes, when trailering, or when docking in a tight slip. A nylon collar bushing protects the tower and like almost all of our products makes the wakeboard rack universal. Each rack is shipped to fit 2.5" towers or you can order our universal tower inserts which is a set of various sized collars for you to fit the rack to ANY tower 1 5/8" to 2.5" diameter!

Video Transcription:

Hey, what's up? This is Steve Beck from Monster Tower to tell you about our monster tower universal wakeboard racks. We've got these in silver or black. This is a black anodized and it is gives you superior corrosion resistance. This is aluminum, 6063 t-6 aluminum. What makes this rack universal is we have universal inserts you can order with universal inserts. It comes standard 2.5”. If you have a Monster Tower, 2.5”, all you need, but if you have another size diameter tower, we've got all these different size inserts in a pack. You can make it fit from 1 5/8” 2.5”. That's what makes it very universal and these racks are super adjustable as well, so you can adjust this angle, this clamp, so your forks are always parallel with the water and your boards are looking nice and level however you want them to. They also have a quick release on it so you can pull your rack right off when you're backing into the garage or docking with somebody. You don't want your rack hanging out pulling in a boat slip, so you can pull it right off and then pop it right back on. So that's using tools. Your clamp stays right in the same place we've got our rubber inserts here. Protect your board, keeps them nice and snug in there. And then you got a bungee cord with two different options to hook it on to keep your board and secured. Comes with a five year warranty.


Fits ANY tower 1 5/8" to 2.5" diameter with universal tower inserts
Thick rubber bumper protects boat and boards
Brushed and anodized aluminum construction
UV resistant heavy duty shock cord holds boards safely in place
Adjustable fork to accommodate any size board
Holds boards up to 1.25" thick
Includes quick release mechanism for easy removal
Guaranteed silent