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Liquid Force Nebula 4’2″ Wakefoil

Liquid Force Nebula 4’2″ Wakefoil

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LiquidForce Nebula Wakefoil

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LiquidForce Nebula Wakefoil

The LiquidForce Nebula 4’2″ Wakefoil board with the Aluminum Horizon 160 Foil Set is here!  With 3 angled shim plates to choose from to help dial in your personal preferences, the Horizon Foil Set is the most advance foil system to date and ready to take to you to new heights.

Starting off with the Nebula 4’2”, this foil specific board made in our extremely durable DuraSurf construction, features a concave deck enhancing board control and feel. A Chine Rail to help release the board off the water easily and efficiently. A slight double concave that moves into a flat hull as it goes out the kicked up tail provides minimum water contact that planes efficiently to get you up to take off speed.

The 27” aluminum mast provides a strong connection from board to foil that provides low drag in both straight flight and carving maneuvers.

The new Bayonet mount fuselage, supplies a super secure connection to the front wing on our most hydrodynamic design yet.

The Horizon 160 front wing provides effortless gliding and pumping. The 1600 cm^2 surface area and 78 cm wingspan give the right amount of lift to surf all wakes of all boats no matter the size.

The TC 28 Stabilizer wing provides essential stability in the roll direction while maintaining effortless maneuverability in the yaw direction with the curved wing tips.