Lets Tie Up Single Fender & Bungee

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Each fender comes with a 3' multi-loop 3/8” BM bungee able to attach to the handle for perfect placement alongside the boat. No more lines all over the place or over crowded cleats trying to compete for space.
Protect your boat with our huge inflatable fenders. They are made of tough but soft, environmentally friendly PVC so that you don't scratch or damage your gelcoat like the traditional hard rubber and plastic fenders do.
Maintain proper distance between each boat while tied up to other or the dock.
They can inflate up to 24-28" in diameter. If you don't want them that big simply stop at the desired size and firmness you would like.
Save storage space in your boat by simply deflating them when you no longer need them.
- Inflates/Deflates in less than 90 seconds.
- Each fender comes with an extra plug and plug puller.
- Our fenders are bigger than all our competitors.