Hydroslide Politricks 140 Wakeboard with Method

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he Hydroslide® Politricks 140 Wakeboard is a great first board for anyone getting into the sport and the perfect extra wakeboard to keep on hand for adventurous friends. With an extra-buoyant foam core, the Politricks 140 makes getting up and riding virtually effortless. Once up, riders will appreciate the dual channels at the tip and tail, while center-mounted fins engage to ensure smooth and easy edging. This precision design delivers outstanding stability and control. As riders progress, they'll appreciate the Politricks' predictable nature and how easy it is to ride. It's the industry's best wakeboard for learning.
Manufacturer model #: 2220096.

  • Continuous rocker
  • Extra-buoyant foam core
  • Grab rail
  • Dual, removable attack center fins
  • Great stability and control
  • Clutch bindings