HO Sports Agent Kneeboard

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When you watch Frankie Panno ride the HO Sports Agent Kneeboard , you know you are witnessing something special. No one attacks the wakes like Frankie and his creative eye for cutting-edge stunts is single handedly pushing kneeboarding to new heights. HO is fortunate to have a legend and leader pushing kneeboarding and kneeboard product design to new levels. Frankie tweaked the kneeboard product line to his tastes. A beautifully silk screened top and base and softer density kneepad on his pro model Agent represent the pinnacle of kneeboarding.



3-STAGE ROCKER DESIGN – maximizes pop off all wake sizes

DIAMOND TIP AND TAIL SHAPE – for clean release off the wake

CURVED FLOW CHANNELS – for a deep edge hold that builds speed into the wake

SOFT LANDING SPINE – to cushion landings when punching into the flats

DUAL DENSITY KNEE PAD – for optimized control and rider comfort when going big

PANNOLOCK DOUBLE LOCKING KNEE STRAP – for the best performing most durable strap in the game