CONNELLY - FUN 3 Towable Tube

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If the Connelly Fun Tubes make your time on the lake enjoyable the Super Fun Series takes it to a whole new level.  The Connelly Super Fun 3 Tube is a sit-on-top deck tube with optional 2-way pull. With a ride so smooth and a back rest so tall and supportive, you can close your eyes and pretend to be a Greek god being pulled by dolphins on his water chariot; that is until your friends decide to double back and launch you off the wake.  You can also flip this tube around to ride it in your own roman experience, chariot-style around the lake.  Superplush cover material makes your ride comfortable and Super Fun!


* Pulls from two directions

* 70” L x 78” W (deflated)

* 840D nylon cover

* Heavy Duty PVC bladder

* Plush neoprene Top deck for Supreme Comfort

* Covered mesh bottom drains

* 6 Fully padded handles with knuckle guards

* 8 padded grab handles

* Tall Inflatable backrest surrounds riders

* Boston Valves for Easy Inflation / Deflation

* Bigger, Better and More Comfortable than the Fun Series Tubes!