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Mako Boardsports

Mako Boardsports are a group of like-minded designers and engineers who have a passion for the outdoors and watersports. For surfers, boardriders and watersport aficionados we build the finest quintessentially-styled jet-powered surfboard, the ultimate conduit of good times and fun on water.

Mako have tried to capture that feeling of being out on a wave. To create the coolest wave riding toy that can be ridden even when the swells are flat. A surfboard that emanates the spirit of spontaneous adventure, the freedom of being out on the water and fulfils those hard-earned moments of inestimable value.


This concept is still at the heart of everything we do and if you have ever ridden a Mako, you know that we’ve built our jetboards on making the ride better. In finding innovative solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

We’ve created new standards and set new benchmarks. We do things differently. It’s never about being different for different’s sake – it’s always been about generating an effect that improves the overall experience for you, our riders. It’s what make us tick and it’s what makes our job a true pleasure and privilege.

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