LiquidForce Keen Wakesurfer

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Austin needs a fast, light, catch free skim shape for hijacking wakes, busting big airs, and massive wake slashes and the the LiquidForce Keen Wakesurfer is just that board. A precision milled EPS foam core is topped with a carbon innegra deck making this board stronger, lighter and more responsive than years past. Although the KEEN is a true skim at heart, the multiple fin boxes make it more versatile than most skims… you can ride as a single fin for a true skim feel, ride it as a twin setup for a more skatey feel, or ride it as a tri-fin for a solid surf feel. This board will take your riding to the next level..


EPS Foam with Skim Stringer
Single Concave Hull
Carbon/Innegra Reinforced Deck
Carbon Bottom Tape
Round Tail
Fiberglass Hand Lamination