Liquid Force Happy Pill 4.0

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Warning: Using the Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf Board may lead to happiness, permanent smiles, overnight Instagram fame, elevated surfing performance and lots of fond memories. The most popular surfer in Liquid Force line, the Happy Pill was updated for 2016 and is now lighter and stronger than before. The stubby squaretail shape allows you to ride a shorter than normal board without giving up stability and the customizable quad fin setup can be curated to a variety of riding styles.


Product Details

Construction and Materials

Compression Construction  Durable outer top and bottom skin is compression molded for a tight bond and closed off seam.

CNC Core  CNC machined EPS core is lightweight and high strength, creating a unique board feel.


Short, Stubby Squaretail Shape  Full volume outline allows you to ride a smaller sized board than you usually ride.

Single-to-Double Concave Hull  Efficient flow and effortless glide.


Quad Fin Set-Up  A 4 fin box set up. Ships with two side fins and two nub fins. Ride as a quad or a twin.

Additional Features

Front & Rear EVA Grooved Traction w/ Kick Stops  Lock your back foot against the rear wedge for ultimate control and grip.