Hyperlite Automatic Wakesurfer

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The Hyperlite Automatic Wakesurfer delivers a floaty surf vibe spawned from the beaches and wakes of Florida. Featuring Full Carbon DuraShell Construction, the Automatic looks and surfs better than the rest. DuraShell includes top and bottom carbon laminates and is finished with seamless edges eliminating flash lines, rolling smooth from edge to edge. With a Full Bamboo Base Inlay the Automatic has a lively feel when snapping turns and popping airs. The single concave running through the midsection delivers great push in the wake. Customize your ride with four Futures Fin Boxes including 2 Flux Fins and 2 Minis for a loose or solid feel.

Available Sizes:  4.7 (Weight up to 77kg) and 5.0 (Weight up to 105kg)