Hydroslide Respect Kneeboard

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Premium Performance Kneeboard

The Hydroslide Respect is suited for larger riders due to its stiffness and large surface area - providing a very efficient ride and a tremendous amount of lift. Its aggressive rocker line and hand-turned bevels give you the extra control needed to take your riding to new heights. The Respect’s pad has ultra-deep knee wells and dual-density EVA foam construction for extreme comfort and control. It's the perfect way to step up from traditional roto-molded boards.


  • Compression Molded - Thinner, lighter, and more refined features for higher performance
  • Feather Core - Minimizes weight to enhance control
  • Twin-Tip Design
  • Dual Density EVA Pad - Built for comfort and shock absorption
  • Fully Padded Cinch Strap

Dimensions - 51.5" x 22.3"