Connelly Concept '18 - Double Tempest Binding

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Connelly Concept Water Ski Slalom was first introduced to the Connelly line in 1988, the Concept has been at the forefront of our technological and shaping innovations since its inception. We’ve paired this high-end design with a forgiving flex pattern and our latest evolution of ski shaping, X.C.A.P.T. Reducing core thickness as you move from the bindings out toward the tip and tail allows for a smoother transition in and out of your turns. Performs at a high level every single set with a consistent, smooth design.

The dual concave tunnel provides edge hold through the wake and a forgiving, relatively soft, flex pattern allows the skier unmatched control. Soft round bevels and a large flat spot under the bindings add to the forgiving ride. Connelly Advanced Profile Technology and a blended glass wrap maintain shape after the hardest turns.

Closed cell polyurethane resin core
Performance glass flex sequence
X.C.A.P.T. (Extreme Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
Polished speed base
Double tunnel

Binding Options:
Double Tempest

Slider Fin with foil.

Connelly Concept Water Ski Specs & Sizes:

Model 64″ 66″ 68″
Length 162cm/64″ 167cm/66″ 172cm/68″
Binding Location 29.25″ 30.50″ 31.375″
Rider Weight ≤ 63.5kg/140lbs 63.5-81.6kg/140-180lbs ≥ 81.6kg/180lbs

Suggested Speed:
30 mph | 32 mph | 34 mph