BurnerPro Combo Skis

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The HO Sport BurnerPRO Combo Skis are high-performance combo skis.  Experienced skiers will appreciate the high performance.  Whether you want to use two skis or slalom, the clean edge technology will have you popping off waves with less drag and more speed.

Available Size:  67″ (69kg and up)


Recreational and advanced-level skiers will enjoy the versatility of the  HO Sports BurnerPRO Combo Skis.

The BurnerPRO Combo Skis features:

• With size specific freeMAX slalom boot for comfort and performance
• 67” Comp Freeride Burner Shape highly acclaimed design for slalom performance
• Dual Use Design for recreational two ski use and/or slalom ski use
• V-Bottom Design for maximum stability and effortless cuts