Burner Blaze Combo Waterskis

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The Burner Blaze Combo Waterskis by HO Sports have a V-Bottom design that maximizes stability by tracking in the water for effortless waterskiing.

Their oversized shape makes starting and skiing at slow speeds a breeze. You can also learn to drop a ski and progress to slalom skiing, as they’re equipped with a rear toe strap. Waterskiing is a great way to have fun with the whole family at the lake. They feature tip inserts compatible with the HO Trainer bar that keeps ski tips together, making starting and learning easy.

Available Size:  67″ (69kg and up)



HO Sports Burner Blaze Combo Waterskis have been designed to elevate your fun.

The Burner Blaze Combo Waterskis features:

V-BOTTOM DESIGN – for maximum stability and effortless cuts

OVERSIZED SHAPE – for easy starts and relaxed skiing at reduced speeds


AVAILABLE WITH THE BLAZE BOOT – Front Lacing Design for performance and effortless entry. Floating Tongue for comfort and adjustability.

Free “Learn2waterski” instructional video link included to get the entire family excited and confident. HOsports.com/Learn2waterski

Available Size:  67″ (63kg and up)