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  • We make our gas lamps so that you are never in the dark
  • 300 Candlepower light source
  • Low gas consumption
  • Up to 30 hours burn time (3kg cylinder)
  • Stainless steel burner stem
  • Heat resistant glass
  • Adjustable air intake for different altitudes
  • Quick start illumination
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Easy mantle replacement
  • Spares readily available
  • Cylinder Size: 3kg or 4.5kg or 5kg
  • Gas Consumption: 210gr/hr
  • Dimensions: 260mm x 260mm
  • Ignition: Match or Lighter
  • Unit Weight: 0.35kg To use with:
  • 3KG Gas Cylinder
  • 5KG Gas Cylinder
  • 250mm Extension Pipe