Top Must Have Safety Kit Items for Your Boat

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Top Must Have Safety Kit Items for Your Boat

Some of these are necessities, some are only recommendations, depending on the type of boating, and locations.

However, these are all good ideas, and you can pack most of these aboard even the smallest of boats!


Take a look and let us know your thoughts


  1. 1st aid / medical kit
    • minor incident repairs / emergencies
  2. Fire extinguishers
    • this is self-explanatory
  3. Anchor, line, and a bailing bucket
    • while you wait for help to arrive
    • staying afloat is important
  4. Paddles / oar’s / substitute motor, and back up steering
    • it’s a long row but its better than drifting
  5. VHF radio / cellphone to call for help
    • these days this 1 is pretty easy
  6. Secondary hailing device
    • whistle / air horn
  7. Mask and snorkel
    • to inspect what’s going on under the boat
    • and a knife to cut a line around a fouled propeller
  8. Navigation lights, and a heavy-duty flashlight
    • emergencies happen in the dark
  9. Skier or diver down flag
  10. Running lights
    • things happen, and running in the evening without lights is dangerous to you and others
  11. Check the weather updates
  12. Spare boat plugs
    • You can never have too many