Get To Know the Different Styles of Wake Bindings

Get To Know the Different Styles of Wake Bindings

Bindings have many different shapes and sizes. Almost every rider prefers a different style. From Open Toe, to 4dx to Gummy Straps & Systems. We’ve got you covered at WaterSports Mania. You will only get better on the water if you’re comfortable, and comfort comes from a precise fit.

We’re breaking down Wake Bindings today so you can find that perfect fit. Read on to learn more about the types of wake binding.

Open-toe vs Closed-toe Bindings

The two main styles of bindings come with their pros and cons.

Open-toe Bindings

Open-toe bindings were the most prevalent style for quite a long time. While the closed-toe style has caught up, open-toe bindings remain the popular choice. Open toe boots are perfect if you are apart of a family with kids that are still growing.

Open-toe bindings are also great if several riders will share your wakeboard. Since they are open at the front, the open-toe bindings can fit a general shoe size range. For example, if you and your friends all have shoe sizes that fall within the 8-12 range, your group can have a fun time riding without having to switch the bindings after each run.

You get versatility with open-toe bindings, and they are also affordable since you wouldn’t need to buy additional bindings. An open-toe binding will be fine if you’re a casual rider. However, you will miss optimal performance since their fit isn’t as personalized as a closed-toe binding.

Closed-toe bindings

These customized bindings made a splash in the wakeboarding scene and have allowed wakeboarders to improve their performance. Since they offer a custom fit, the result is unmatched comfort and support. 

They come in single sizes, so closed-toe bindings are not able to be shared easily between multiple people. They are the costlier option too, especially if you opt for heat-moldable linings that provide an even better fit. However, these bindings will allow you to feel connected to your wakeboard at all times and maximize your performance.


Different Lacing Systems

When choosing your wakeboard bindings, you also have to consider your options for lacing, of which there are several. You might prefer one system over the others, but at the end of the day they all get the job done. 

Here are the different options for lacing technologies:

  • Lace: This straightforward system consists of laces to hold your feet into the binding. While laces are the traditional method to fasten a wake boot around your foot, wakeboard binding laces have fasteners that stop them from coming loose. They are more time-consuming to put on and take off but can be easily replaced if broken.
  • Velcro: Another classic lacing system, Velcro straps are easily adjustable. Since there are no laces to tie, Velcro bindings allow you to quickly get in and out of a boot. While Velcro is durable, it can still break down with wear and tear. Some find that Velcro fits snug and secure, but others might feel that they need a stronger hold.
  • BOA: A technology derived from snowboarding, the BOA system allows users to tighten the binding by twisting a dial. This type of lacing system is used in other sports such as running and biking. Out of all the lacing options, the BOA is the easiest to adjust to get the perfect fit. However, the cables running across the top of the foot can snap and be hard to replace.
  • Gummies: The next level in lacing systems, gummy straps are designed to strike a balance between comfort and performance. This technology from Slingshot quickly and securely customizes tightness.

Two Big Brands in Wakeboard Bindings: Hyperlite vs Ronix

You can’t go wrong with these powerhouse brands.

Hyperlite is all about accessibility. Their range of wakeboard bindings caters to riders of any level. These bindings feature different flex levels and lacing methods. You can also choose between a high-back chassis that hugs the back of your foot for more control, or a low-back for a relaxed feel.

There are also System bindings, a type of closed-toe bindings that offer a customized fit with a high-back frame and ratchet straps to secure ankles and toes. Also known as step-in bindings, they come with a wakeboard boot and a separate frame that screws directly onto the board.

The System Bindings improved on an already winning formula, delivering unrivaled edge control and comfort, allowing you to step out and walk around without worry at your local cable park or rocky boat landing. The chassis is built from G6 polycarbonate to be lighter and more robust. This high-back design ensures that you experience maximum mobility, and auto-centering stability plates allow you to arrange the bindings for the shoe size quickly. The plates are removable, meaning these bindings can handle a lot of wear and tear.

However, the System bindings are designed exclusively to work with the Hyperlite System Boot line and come in a package. 

Over on the Ronix side, the District Wakeboard Bindings are the most accessible choice. These are the best for groups due to their open-toe design and ease of putting on and taking them off. With no foundation, they provide an extremely comfortable, secure fit with maximum sensation and versatility.

Which Binding Should I Choose?

Your choice depends on a few factors. Firstly, determine whether your wakeboard is a community board, or if you would be the solo rider. Choose an open-toe binding that fits multiple shoe sizes if you share your wakeboard with others. Otherwise, go closed-toe for a customized fit, so you can pull off tricks while riding behind the boat.

The type of lacing system you pick depends on your budget and preference. Good ol’ laces and Velcro are fine if you’re a beginner. But if you’re looking to sharpen your riding skills, go for the extra comfort of the BOA system or gummy straps.

Whichever bindings you choose, remember to ensure that they’re compatible with your wakeboard. Bindings can utilize either 1/4″ standard screws or M6 metric screws. Most brands are transitioning towards the latter. Unlike old wakeboards, new designs feature a 6″ insert spread since it’s lighter and stronger. 

Get the Best Bindings at WaterSports Mania

Confused about where to get the perfect bindings for your board? Leave that to us.

Miami Nautique’s team of professionals is here to guide you and help you find the most suitable kind of bindings for you. Our list of reputable manufacturers includes Hyperlite, Ronix, and other leading brands. Stop by the Miami Nautique pro shop or browse our site to find the bindings that suit you.


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